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Through our “A tree for your booking” campaign – where we plant a tree for every hiking or cycling trip booked in the Salzkammergut – the topic of sustainability has been on our minds since we were young. Sustainability in the broadest sense accompanies us every day in our actions and activities. Therefore, in 2024 we decided to have the company - with all its stakeholders - go through a certification process, which will conclude with a Travelife certificate. Travelife is a European association that certifies travel agencies and tour operators in sustainability.

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A TREE FOR YOUR BOOKING... a heart project of Salzkammergut Tourism

What is that exactly?
In 2018 we launched the “A tree for your booking” project. For every cycling or hiking trip booked with us in the Salzkammergut, a tree is planted. In doing so, we also accept responsibility and consideration for the limited resources of our planet. In cooperation with the Austrian Federal Forests, we plant several hundred trees every year.

The following 3 goals were set together:

  • Preserve biodiversity in the region
  • To provide food for bees
  • Make natural areas visually appealing

Our first assigned area for planting was along the newly created connecting cycle path between Bad Ischl and the Attersee in Weißenbachtal and along the brine pipeline path from Mitterweißenbach to Bad Ischl. Sparrow, Schledorn, Pfaffenhütchen, wild cherries and honeysuckles were planted here.

The project board of the Austrian Federal Forests provides information about the project.

In the years that followed, we were assigned an area in the Weißenbachtal, a beautiful natural area between Bad Ischl and Lake Attersee.

The forest there was largely destroyed by the storm Kyrill in 2007. We have now been able to work together with our customers to successfully reforest this area. The small plants - which are always planted in May - are trees that are pleasing to the eye and attract wild bees. In addition, the Austrian Federal Forests have set up bee hotels in the area.

In 2023, mainly cherry, maple, fir and beech will be planted, explains Mr. DI Christoph Reischenböck from the Austrian Federal Forests.


  • Preserving our beautiful natural landscape
  • Contribute to reforestation
  • Increase awareness of nature and the environment among our customers

Every customer receives information about the project with the travel documents. Below you can see a selection of the trees planted in recent years and the area.

By 2023, 1,440 trees have been planted.

Our hikers and cyclists can experience our campaign up close if they take the time to visit the planted area. Weissenbachtal - Fischteich - at road kilometer 11.0 (please note the possible detour to the planned routes).

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