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Backstage at the Marionette Theatre (puppet play) in Salzburg


Marionette Theatre Salzburg (puppet play)

The Salzburg Marionette Theatre employs 10 puppeteers, trained in a wide variety of trades and professions. Qualities common to all of them are musicality, manual skill, and the ability to emphathise with the various characters in order to bring alive the marionettes on the stage. The Salzburg Marionette Theatre has evolved its own technique, which is used as a model by many marionette theatres worldwide. The puppeteers' training, which takes place exclusively in the theatre itself, demands just as much time and perseverance as learning to play a musical instrument.

Castle Hellbrunn & trick fountains (Wasserspiele)

Like a jewel of its own, the castle's fortress is surrounded by a wall.

Behind it you will find 60 hectares to relax, to breathe deeply, to enjoy and to marvel. At the trick fountains you never know, what you have to expect. BUT of course it will be fun! Experience an unique culture jewel, which you will find nowhere else.

“Erlebnisburg Hohenwerfen”

High above the Salzach valley, between the Tennen and Hagen mountain ranges,
sits the 900 year old castle Hohen Werfen which leads back until the 11th century.

Through a shadily path – approx. 15 walking minutes – or by rail way you will arrive at the castle’s entry. A personal guided tour with a dressed up tour guide (from the medevial times) will explain you the interesting story of this fortress. One of the highlights is the falc show with ist falconry.


  • 3 x overnight stay incl. breakfast buffet
  • 1 x welcome drink
  • 2 x 3-course dinner in the hotel
  • 1 x guided tour through Salzburg – duration approx. 1,5 hours
  • 1 x boat trip on river Salzach from landing place “Altstadt” (Markartsteg) – duration approx. 40 Min.
    Enjoy –during tour II - the old town scenery, the natural landscape of the Salzach combined with the exclusive residential area and visit after a shuttle transfer (5 minutes) the baroque castle “Hellbrunn” with the world-famous water fountains. (back trip with your own bus)
  • 1 x visit of castle Hellbrunn & “tick fountains”
    Visit of the “water games” with audio guide (approx. 40 min.)
    Visit to the interactive permanent exhibition "SchauLust - The Unexpected World of Markus
    Sittikus" in Hellbrunn castle with audio guide (approx. 40 min.)
    Visit to the folk museum (approx. 1 hour)
  • 1 x entrance and guided tour at “Castle Hohenwerfen
    • up and down ride with rail way
    • guided tour through chappel, torture chamber, lords chambers, aso…
    • falc (bird) show – (daily at 11.15 and 15.15 o’clock)
    • visit of falk museum (without guide)
    • visit of weapon collection (without guide)
      Duration approx. 3 hours
  • 1 x Knights banquet at Castle Hohenwerfen (possible from 18.00 o’clock on)
    In restaurant of fortress with a 7 course menu and medieval music (exclusive drinks)
    Duration approx. 3 hours
  • 1 x Visit of Salzburger Marionette Theatre incl. short performance and look behind the scenes
    Duration approx. 30 minutes (Exact date on request and availability – possible in the morning from 9am to 13pm)

Advice for your guide and driver daily from 9am to 7pm through our office in Bad Ischl.

The standard terms and conditions of the Salzkammergut Touristik GmbH apply in the current version.

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